Our double belt press – Even more flexibility

Thanks to our continuous press, we are also able to further process our proven nonwovens into (pre-) consolidated fiber composites. This means that the desired composite properties can be supplied in the form of customized fiberboards.

For many of our customers, this means that one process step can be avoided – saving valuable time and energy! On the other hand, we also create completely new application solutions.

We process nonwovens made of synthetic fibers as well as blends with natural fibers and glass fibers. All this is possible in single-layer and multi-layer constructions (sandwich constructions) also in combination with other materials.

The blanks can be made up to the size of 2.150 mm x 3.000 mm. The product can be calibrated to a maximum density of 0.7 g/cm³, depending on the requirements of your product..

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